Thursday, November 25, 2010

But they're stylish!

No truth in advertising here.  "Hard to find"?  Obviously the seller hasn't been to our local shopping mall.  These things are everywhere!

DENIM SKIRTS - Hard to find long denim skirts! Created from stylish pants.  Size 8, 10 and 31 waist.  Asking $120.00.   555-555-5555

1 comment:

  1. The United Pentecostal ladies are going to go ape shit over this ad. I had to google "religion denim skirts" to discover the United Pentecostal rules. They are as follows:
    no jewelry
    no nail polish
    no cutting hair
    obey your husband, he is leader of the house
    no piercings (ears too)
    no tatoos
    no beards on guys
    no shorts on guys
    no pants on girls
    no short sleeves on girls
    no short skirts (They don't have to be denim!)